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originally posted march 19, 2007

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okey smoke, so it's like this. i did my sleep study last night....and guess who was sawing logs??!?! that'd be me. if they couldn't find anything wrong with me, i was going to have to stay the rest of the day, but this morning, she came and clicked on the lights, and said, "ok, you can go!" i was like, "ummm, does that mean...." and she said, "sleep apnea? yep."

oh, goodie. i mean, OH, GOODIE!!!!

i just got home, and i still have sticky stuff all over my face and in my hair. i was wired with spaghetti literally from the top of my head, down to my ankles. and it took me a minute to fall asleep, but i slept, and of course, when i woke up this morning, i felt like i had just fallen asleep. imma try to post pictures on my blog, but i'm not sure it will work. they both watched me and listened to me while i slept, which was kinda creepy, but turns out, i didn't have a problem. i don't know, yet, how many times i stopped breathing or all of those stats, but i'll find out next time i go to the doc.

ah, shizzle. lemme talk to my friend alicia, and see if she can give me the 'tard's guide to posting pictures, and i'll get them on here.

*mumbles* stupid radiology degree.

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