Hey yo, it's just another bombtrack

Ok, this is going to be relatively quick, because it's late, and I NEED my bed.

I got my heart monitor thing put on today - it's only on for 24 hours, so that's good, because the latex in these stickers is already eating my skin off underneath. It hurts SOOOO BAD! &=( But oh well.

Anyway, so ONCE AGAIN, I had to expose my front to a total stranger, for her to put the leads on me, she got me all hooked up, and gave me this GIANT I-POD to clip on my pants. It looks like an I-Pod for beginners. Or kindergarteners. "My First Giant I-Pod" - I can see the box already. It's more like a gigantic digital clock. For my hip. And, it's a whole hour behind. So, it's not helpful at all.

Ah, but I digress from my point of this post.

All around St. Vincent's, they're doing construction. It just so happens that part of the construction is going on right next to the parking deck I parked in. And, I heard all the hammering and whatnot when I first got there. The thing I parked in front of was this giant, metronomic, industrial post-hole digger or something. I mean, this thing is HUGE. And loud. I don't know what it is. But it has this giant steel post that slams into something in the ground, and makes this obscenely loud clanging sound for seemingly no reason, unless they're trying to break ground into hell. From what I hear, though, it's not really that hard to get in.

So, I step off the elevator, and I'm playing TextTwist (tm) on my phone, heading back to the car, already a little frazzled-feeling from the day. I hadn't noticed anything about the construction, because I'm just sort of an idiot, and I don't really pay attention to my surroundings. Never do, never will. So, then someone presses the start button on the post-holer, and that thing SLAMS into the ground, with this God-awful, high-pitched clang. And, I never saw it coming.

People...let me just tell you, all war jokes aside, I threw myself on the ground like we had just been hit by a bomb. I don't remember the last time I flew through the air, especially that long and that far. This horrid scream came out of my throat - a kind of "WAAAAHH!!!," and I dove onto the ground, face-first, into the pavement, with my arms over my head. I was belly-down on the ground of the St. Vincent's parking deck, head down, braced for impact. As the sound continued and the numbers began to add up, I had kind of gathered that I wasn't dead, so I put my head up to assess the situation. As I turned my head, there was a lady standing across the parking lot from me, with an absolutely horrified expression on her face. She said, "You know, that scared me too, but I don't think nearly as bad as it scared you." Bless her heart, she came over to help me up, and I had to dig my phone out from under 3 cars away.

If I didn't have an "episode" when that happened, there's absolutely nothing wrong with my heart (yeah, there's not anyway - just thought I'd throw that in.)

I was literally shaking when I got in the car and started to drive away. Gah, I'm STILL freaked out, just thinking about it! I know people think I'm a total drama queen, but oh well. That scared the sh** out of me. I hate being jumpy, but I am, so psh. At least I'm prepared for an explosion...but not really.

And now I have this stupid thing on till 2 tomorrow, so I'll let you know if I manage to NOT peel my skin off before then.