I never post any pics on here, so I thought I'd share a few:

Me, a few days ago, during my nightly wind-down, musing about things such as the fate of humanity and what will happen when I actually turn 30 this year. We'll see, right?

I love dandelions - I wish I would have taken this picture. Alas, I stole it off yahoo.

These are my aunt's beautiful girls, Shelby, 13, and Erica, 16.

This is Shelby and her crawfish she so meticulously disassembled and devoured, from the Crawfish Boil this year. I stood in the corner and screamed.

This is Fuel's new lead singer, Toryn Green. He came post-Brett Scallions, and we got to see them perform at the Crawfish Boil this year. I was impressed. *grins*

I used to have a chinchilla years ago. His name was Luxo, and I loved him very much. It was amazing how much my heart hurt when he passed away, but I lost a lot of people and things close to me that year. Time hasn't always been kind to me. Anyway, I found this pic on ICHC, and it reminded me of him.

I have the world's largest collection of pictures that I refuse to share with the rest of the world, not because I don't want to, but because I never have time to scan them. Also, someone broke my scanner, so I'm thinking taking pictures of pictures won't be the way to go. I also have a broken drive that needs to be sent off to have those pictures rescued, but I never have the money saved up. All in good time.

Anyway, I'm obsessed with taking pictures, so I'm hoping to eventually come into my own in the next year or so, since mine was stolen.

This one is for Heather: HJ, I don't care what Karen says, this hair is anything but homeless.

This is my girl Jezzy popping a squat on her papa.

This was a picture someone took of me a few years ago, and it was altered by someone else, recently.

This is one of my very favorite pictures, that I took months ago. Jezzy just came up and rested her head on Booboo. You can just read the worries of the world in her face.


Ok. I'm going to put my groceries up. Heather was kind enough to come get me and drag me to the store with her, God love her. I'll try to post more later, but I'm not, er, feeling well, thank goodness. This just means I won't be on my cycle for my surgery, like I need any more embarrassment aside from having surgery at the hospital where I work. I already know I'm probably going to look like Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel when I wake up, but I've come to terms with that. &=) That's what happens when you mix work and friends...and propofol, versed, sterile markers & surgery.

Love and hugs to all! &=)

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