blag eater

Heeeey.....yeeeaaahhh...I don't know why my blag is eating the pictures I put on here. They look fine on my cmpootrz. Hmmm....oh well - I'll figger it out later probably than sooner. We've got a slightly busy day at work today, and Chris is off for Terri's wedding in Vegas, so that means everything will probably fall apart. 'Course, it is 8:10a, and the building hasn't caught fire yet, so that's amazing. If anything catches fire, it's usually because my boss isn't around....aaaand, it's usually my fault. I wish I was lying for comedic's sake, but my total awesomeness rears it's ugly head at work as well.

I'm just going to sit in this chair for as long as possible and listen to my ipod. I just dload'd a bunch of garbage on it this morning, around 1a, because I couldn't seem to make myself go to sleep. Grrrr - only a couple more months of bad finances, hopefully, and this nightmare will be over. The end of July can't get here quickly enough.

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