reunite-y on ice?

Some recent news that troubles me, during my search for reforming bands, is that James Iha will not be joining up with the reforming Smashing Pumpkins. So, first they lost Jimmy, got him back, then D'arcy, who did not come back (replaced by Melissa Auf der Maur from Hole), and now James. What's the point of reforming a band, if you're not gonna be the same band? *sigh* Just venting. Of course, I could say the same thing about Fuel coming back as Fuel minus Brett Scallions (who is now with some band called The X's). Anyway, Pumpkins are supposedly releasing Zeitgeist 7.10.07. Fuel's new album Angels & Devils comes out 8.7.07. The only thing I've heard about Rage is that they briefly reunited at Coachella & are touring with Wu-Tang and Cypress Hill for the Rock the Bells tour (which must be awesome - too bad we're not worthy) - no more info than that.

If I can manage to see Pumpkins and Rage before they try to disassemble again, I will have seen everyone I wanted to see, and I can die a happy rocker. In fact, keeling over at a concert would be simultaneously cool and gross. Of course, there are other great people and bands I would like to see perform, but when you're going places like Opwijk & Doornroosje, umm...well, I don't like to be pushy, but I don't know what that even is. Is it a place? A concert hall? A city? A Russian labor camp? One of those communes where you can only come out if you wear velcro high-top Keds, drink crank-laced Mr Pibb, and marry some gross Ron Jeremy lookalike polygamist with 57 wives? I mean, I'm just SAYING...

That's one of my fears, is that me and Heather will take vacation one year, and end up in a place like Pike's Peak (she went - not me; apparently, they like to build giant bears attacking their bldgs there) and accidentally trip over a broom with someone, then be, like, married, and we can't leave.

Ok. Just wasting time before I have to go downstairs for the rest of the day. Blah. I'm just not feeling it this week. Ohhh, maybe this knee surgery time off will be good, although I can only see myself going stark-raving mad and clawing at the walls like "The Yellow Wallpaper."

Haven't read it? You should.

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