Post-Operative Thanks

Post-surgical greetings to everyone! I'm fully and completely under the influence of lortab, delaudid, morphine and percocet, so I shouldn't be expected to make any important decisions for the next couple of weeks.

Just a very brief update to let you know that I did make it through surgery. In fact, everyone kept commenting on how pleasant I was, and when I woke up in recovery, I was laughing, joking, smiling and hugging everyone! Unfortunately, I can't remember much past them wheeling me into the OR. Apparently, I called Heather several times to let her know that I was ok. And my boss. And some other people. And to those of you who have received repeated affirming conversations, I am sorry.

As for the stay in my hospital, that left A LOT to be desired, but I'll go into full detail about that later. I'm about to get a DUI by Shelby, though, if I don't go upstairs and go to bed soon. Stay tuned, though, because we have some really disgusting pictures to take. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone heeded my request to take pictures during my surgery, which is a disappointment to me. But no one really gets the fact that we're that whole "we take pictures of EVERYTHING" kind of family. I mean, for krab's sake, I posted a picture of the underwear I was wearing to surgery.

But also, I'd like to mention that I have several HUNDRED of people to thank. My family, of course, for being here for me, and just hanging out and making me feel better. This includes Amy, Mark, Shelby, Austin, Braxton and Erica. My aunt Diane even brought my grandmother, my cousin Katy, and her son Micah, to see me after surgery yesterday. That was a pleasant surprise.

Of course, I have to thank Heather for letting us close in and take over her house while she's gone. I know she feels terrible for not being here, but just the fact that she's offering her house, so we won't have to stay at my crappy apartment...well, SHE knows what that means to me, so that's good enough. Plus, I know she's going to totally dote over me when she gets back, so I'm looking forward to that! LMAO! I love you so much, HJ!

My friend Honey Lee Longgrear has also played a huge part in my recovery process. Not only did she offer me up at church to be prayed over, but she's visited me both days, has called to check up on me, and even brought me a present today! She has a lot going on in her own life, since she's about to get married. So, for her to use her time to visit me and make sure I'm well taken care of means more than I can even properly express.

And of course, thank you to all the people who have called me or stopped by to visit. If I miss a name, PLEASE know that I can't even remember if I went to the restroom 5 minutes ago:

Lynn Kilgore, Chris Cumbest, Stella Daniell, Terri Bayles, Carolyn Johnson, Martha Martin, Kristi Weathers, Sheryl Sheppard, Danny Cope, Donna Martin, Paula Buchanan, Paul Watkins...ohhhh crap, see? I already know I'm leaving a WHOLE bunch of people out. I'M SORRY, PEOPLE!!!!!

I do have to set aside a special thanks to my OR team - Marti Reece worked my case, Wendy Davis circulated my room, and Gary Powell was my CRNA, and he did a hell of a job. Chris Johnson helped Dr. James Stannard, and just so you know, even though I'm bruised from ankle to hip, they did a great job, especially closing. ALL my stitches are internal, and it looks fabulous. The scar on my knee is about as long as your middle finger, and the one of my hip is about half that size. Seth Rosenzweig, my discharging resident, said the bruising on my hip is a little more than usual and looks like it was developing a good-size hematoma, but to keep an eye on it, and if it gets any bigger, I'm to come back in.

As for the hospital experience itself, well...THAT left a LOT to be desired, but I'll touch on that later. It's a little after 2a, and I've taken my second dose of loritab, so I really need to lay down and work that ice again. It actually feels good, because like I told the kids, my hip aches, but it feels like someone's built a tiny campfire on my kneecap. It's to be expected, though. All-in-all, having just been through somewhat major surgery, I feel FANTASTIC!!!! I'm so glad it's over with, and I wasn't the least bit nervous. I knew that God would take care of me, and I knew that all my people were professional and intelligent enough to do the right things to take special care of me, and I really appreciate that. My OR experience was phenomenal, and I'm so lucky to work with such a great group of people!

Thank you to everyone!!!!!! I appreciate every, single one of you, and have given you all special thought. Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed you! I hope I can exceed everyone's expectations from now on as an exemplary employee, as well as a friend to those who need me.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for really gross pics, a much more detailed description of my overnight visit to my hospital, and why I'll probably never go back...

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