Sayonara, folks!

Alrighty, this is about as clean as I've ever been in my life.

I'm getting ready to lay down, but we're getting up about 430a, to head to the horsepital. My family is here, and we've had fun just bumming around on my last day...alive.

Just kidding. I'm ok. I'm not even worried. I AM a little keyed up, so I had to take some benadryl to make me sleepy. Just waiting for that to kick in. But me and the boys are about to go lay down in the living room and watch tv. The girls are sleeping in the downstairs, and Mark and Amy are sleeping in Heather and Lee's room. Heather called just a few minutes ago to wish me luck and let me know that they're all settled in at the townhouse in St. Simon's. I MISS HER ALREADY!!!

Ok, so this is my last post with "bug knee." The next time I talk to you guys, I will have a real knee!!! I'm so frigging excited. This is a pivotal point in my life, so I'm really looking forward to the change it's going to bring, physically.

As usual, everything else requires tons of constant surveillance.

Oh, well.


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