Pre-Pre-Op Activities

Yay! I had an ok day today! Unfortunately, it was the last time I'm going to see Heather for a WEEK! &=(

It was totally boring this morning - I slept all morning long, after letting the girls out on the balcony. I sort of did some thing around here, but hell, who am I kidding? I'm not pushing myself. My meds are all effed because of finances and crap, but I'm actually not in the hole this paycheck. I had backed out of my pedicure this morning, because I knew it wouldn't be a good idea with my money as tight as it is.

Anyway, Heather IM'd me later in the day and asked how I was doing, if I was nervous, and kept apologizing about not being there on Monday. We started talking, and she said when Lee got back with Grant, she would come get me, and we'd go get manicures and pedicures! I know she feels bad because she's not going to be here, so I begged her not to do this to soothe her conscience, because I really am ok. I'm not even worried, because I know every, single person who works in surgery, pre-op, recovery, anesthesia, etc.

So, she came and picked me up, and we went to the Galleria and went to the "Nail Shop" in there. I was horribly embarrassed though, because I haven't shaved my legs for, like, two weeks, and I'm not going to until tomorrow night. If I shave often, it makes my legs all stubbly and razor-burned and stuff. So, apparently I'd rather go out in public with hairy legs. Blech. The little Vietnamese lady doing my pedi tried to make me feel better by pulling up her pants and showing me HER hairy legs. I still didn't feel any better, sitting next to the tan, svelte, rich lady. The bottoms of my jeans were soaked when I got done - oh well. So, I've got french manicures on my fingers and toes! I look like a GIRL!!! &=D

I have the worst extremities ever, but I'm posting these anyway...

When we were leaving, I made Heather stop in JC Penney with me, so I could get some new underwears - I mean, your mom teaches you that, right? To always wear clean underwear in cause you're in an accident. Or nude at work. So, I got some black frilly stuff with pink cherries! &=) If anyone sees under my anything, I want to make sure it matches. In fact, I'm gonna take a picture of it.

Yay! Cute!

Ok, that was totally unnecessary. I'm just the most non-matching underwear person ever. I'm always excited to get new stuff. Monday's going to be even better, cause I'm getting a new knee! Well, not a new knee. Just a souped-up knee. "Pimp My Knee"
It's almost 10p. I might lay down for a bit, then go to Wal-Mart later. I really loathe that place, so it's always a toss up between going when there's a billion people or going when all the freaks are there.

Either way, you never win. Unfortunately, "big business" does.

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