up late & bored


It's 2:45 vormittags, and I'm wide awake. Thank God I have another 2 weeks off. I swear I didn't think my rehab would take this long. I mean, it has only been 10 days. Today, I was bitching on the way out to the car that my leg still wasn't strong enough. Heather was like, "Would you shut up? You just saw the doctor 10 MINUTES AGO." Fine, fine.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a horrible patient?

And, I just noticed that my hair is getting really long again. At first, I wanted to keep the length and go completely red, but now I just want to cut it and bleach it all through, but I'm not sure yet. I haven't decided. It's got to be interesting enough, though, that I'll dig it. I don't like having boring hair. I can't believe I'm up at 3 por la maƱana researching freaking hair.

God, my knee is killing me. Dr Stannard gave me tramadol to take in place of the lortab, so I'll have to see if that helps my stomach any. Oh yeah, I haven't updated a whole lot, but the bottom line is that my reflux has started acting up and almost killed me since my ER visit on Saturday. Who the hell knows what THAT means. It's like, every time I have surgery, I always have these "complications" that pop up, that don't have ANYTHING to do with my surgery. That's great. That's so me.

*Gak* Even now, I'm burping up stomach acids. Mmmmm....makes me want to eat a weenie with onions and follow that with a big glass of warmed buttermilk.

Crap. And there's nothing on tv at all. Why wouldn't they consider this prime television time? I mean, what about all the insomniacs? Why push them aside? Do they not need entertainment as well?

Ok, I'm really reaching to find things to talk about, so I'd better wrap this up. Thus has been my life for the past 8-10 days. Pain meds do not make me happy. I'd never function well as a druggie. I'm still squeamish about sticking patients. The first patient I ever stuck was for an IVP, and I passed out ON her and hit my head on the x-ray tube. I try to leave the sticking to the pros.

God, I'll be glad to go back to work. I could never not have a job for a living, because I'm way too easily deterred and lazed by these periods of inactivity. When I worked 7on/7off, the 7 off was awesome for doing stuff, but going back to those 10 hours days on that 7 on made you want to kill people by the second day.

Ok, 3 diphenhydramines later, imma lay down again - see if I can possibly sleep while it's dark at all. Sun comes up in a couple of hours, and with the weather the way it's been, it heats my room like a sauna. So, I've been dragging into the hallway or the kitchen in the middle of the day.

Nothing like waking up with Raisin Bran in your shorts and cat food in your hair.

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