Harry Potter + moving + broke knee = panic attack

As soon as I get home, I'll edit this post.

Until then, I thought I'd send out the link:


The HP trio has finally gotten their own block at Grauman's Chinese Theatre!!! &=D That's SO cool! I'm so excited!! Only 17 more hours till the movie, and 11 days till the book!!!! And, yes, before you ask, I will be holing myself up in my apartment that weekend to read the book - no tv, no phones. I'm also taking off work the following Monday, not only to make sure I've read the entire book, but to MOVE! ARRRRGGGHHH!!! Please tell me this is a good sign!

WAIT! I haven't even found a place to live yet!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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Heather said...

Actually, this is how I imagined her..but, you make a much more convincing Bella. And not just because you have powers to torture people in permenant insanity. ;)

I won't be dressing up for the premiere, but I will for the book release. But what about me going as Molly Weasely? You know she is such a MILF!!