...just thought i'd tell someone, albeit probably just myself, my good news.

This light duty crap is for the birds. I have to admit, getting paid to sit around with your broke leg propped up has its perks for about a day. But then it just gets annoying. They had started putting me up at the front desk, but you all know how much I LOATHE talking on the phone, so that was sucking. I hate talking on the phone, and talking to stupid people over the phone makes it even worse. I mean, you DO know this isn't the carwash, OR the movie theatre, OR the st vincent's parking lot shuttlebus. And, just because you're deaf, doesn't mean everyone else is. I started just transferring calls to random numbers. It's a wonder they even kept me up there. I learned how to schedule three CT's, while taking down info of films to be printed, and pulling off info from ER of STAT exams to put in. All those years at the Aegis paid off after all! &=)

Ok, I'm SO friggin excited to be off this light duty crap - I just had to share. Even though they'll probably send me over to Southside first thing. And, between me, you and the rest of the hospital, I hate it over there. I'm ready to get back into my regular routine of staying busy downstairs in main, where I belong.

I'm going to attempt to go around and look at more apts today. There's one set that I really wanted to stop by. It's kinda "meh" on the outside, and it sure is cheap, but maybe it's just a "treasure" that no one knows about! Or maybe that was actually a mutated roach I talked to on the phone, who was trying to get me to move in. Either way, she seemed really nice. We'll see. We'll seeeeeee......

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