Reason #only about being an adult

You know the best thing about being semi-growed-up?

I found $20 in something I was packing away, so I took it and went on a midnight ice cream run all by myself!

Sure, it would have been fun to do a doughnut drive-by with someone, but this was pretty fulfilling, since I've learned to make it through the week on less than $5.

Hunger pangs? No, that's just lactic acid from doing that million sit-ups earlier.

Stomach growling? Nah - I just farted.

I don't even GET hungry anymore. I'm convinced that's why I can't possibly lose one ounce - my body has become accustomed to eating its own fat, then making more. That's one of the GREATEST things about being a chick.

Man, I've got a ton of old posts in here that I need to get out, but they're unfinished. And, in this case, I mean, literally unfinished. Not buffed and refurbished like I normally mean when I say that. I mean, there are these two weird ladies standing over by the desk watching me type this, so Imma go now. I hate when people watch me type. And read what I'm typing. When they weren't invited. Yeah, I'm talking to you two. Oooooooo - burned!

More in a bit.

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