This $30 skirt just paid for itself 7 times

Tonight (or last night), I brought in over $950 at my bar and made over $150 in tips!

Yay, me!!!!

We had over 400 people, and they said the bar should have broken $5000, but we only did right over $4000, I think. We also got slapped with a "serving alcohol to a minor" warning, so we really had to be on the up & up tonight, watching for people with no armbands or X's on their hands. There was this one kid who was underage, who kept coming up & trying to buy, but I kept turning him away. "No" is just about the same in every language, but he didn't seem to understand, no matter what I said. Our boss, Jimmy said next time that happens, call one of our cops over there to make him leave.

Ben & his friends showed up again, which was nice, having some "regulars," because you get used to what they want. I got ANOTHER phone number (not that I'll necessarily use, but all the same, wooo, me!), and they kept saying I was pretty and bonita or whatever. I was just like, "Keep drinking, because I'm just going to look better!" Haha!!! Drunks will say anything for you to give them the hookup! &=D (Which I do NOT do, before you all pile in the car to come get free drinks.)

People tipped a little better tonight (or last night - whatever), but I also felt it necessary to plead my case. I'd pick my empty tip jar up and look through it like a telescope at different people. Thankfully, too, Tara's friends came in, early on in the night and started us off.

It was SOOOOO slow when we first opened, I thought it would NEVER pick up. Then, all of a sudden, she and I are running around like chickens, and running out of stuff left and right. I had to stop selling screwdrivers, because we ran completely out of orange juice. Then people would come up and order random things that we just didn't have. I hate having to tell people no, but I guess bars can stock whatever they want, and we don't stock everything. We have the basic liquor, whiskey, beer, and that's just about it. Plus, I think we totally overcharge for stuff, but they MAKE us do that - to turn a profit, I assume. I get so many confused and disgusted looks when I tell someone it's $9 for a Sex on the Beach, but it's that whole "I'm just doing what they tell me to."

I like it, though, when we stay busy. My side kind of dies down, since I'm away from the dance floor, facing the pool tables, so I always walk over and help Tara - that usually involves cleaning up - emptying and throwing away bottles and cans, wiping down, and picking gum out of ashtrays! - GROSS!!! Every once in a while, I'll get someone trying to order something from me, but we're not supposed to work each other's sides or use each other's drawers, so I try to either tell her, or go get the stuff from my side. It's really a little complicated how that all works. I had no idea. It's definitely been a learning experience, but it's been totally fun.

We were so freaking dead by the time we closed, that our math skillz were totally suffering. I couldn't do math for SHIT when it was time to do my alcohol count and count my drawer. Tara helped me, and every other statement that came out of her mouth was, "where did you get THIS number???" I didn't know, nor did I care. But, we managed to make it out of there right before 6a, which was dramatically better than last week.

I'm so happy to be a pretend-bartender! It's so much fun!!!!! &=)

Oh yeah, I'm moving in today. I didn't get to do anything yesterday; just sign the lease. But today, I'm going to do what I can, without wearing myself out.

Speaking of which, it's 7:19a, and my bed is calling. More soon...

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