I'm coughing so much, that an old lady heard me, and offered me an old, melty, deformed Vicks cough drop out of the bottom of her purse...AND I TOOK IT! It was so crusty that the wrapper wouldn't even come off. I had to rinse the wrapper off under a faucet.

I have a feeling I'm going to get even sicker when I read this later.

Blah. I never take candies from any old ladies' purses...except my grandmother. Because her stuff is safe. She's probably the only old lady I trust.

Also, I'm wearing a mask right now, and it's not because I've been in the OR.

It's actually to keep my lung from hurling out and landing on someone. That would be completely unsanitary. And, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want it back anyway.

I hate being sick.

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Anna said...

My mom always has those crusty ol' cough drops, too!!!

Hope you feel better!