Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!!

I have to post a quickie, just to thank Heather for my AWESOME birthday!

She and several of my friends all met us at the Iguana Grill in Hoover for a tiny celebration, and even though it was very last minute and everyone I had invited couldn't make it, I still had the time of my life!!!!!! Although, those of you who were invited were missed - by me!! &=(

People in attendance:
Heather Jimmerson, Sean Brown, Marti Reece, Honey Lee Walker, Chastity, Kim & David Plummer, and making a later appearance, John Kirchner.

I had my first frozen mango margarita, which was awesome! I'm normally a peach girl.

I brought my NEW CAMERA, which had enough ondeck storage space for, like, 5 pics. &=P But Chastity took pictures, so I'm hoping she'll be kind enough to email them, so I can share!

I had gone to take a picture of Heather's food, which looked so cute (I can't remember what it was), and when I depressed the button to take the picture, the little red eye light appeared to be sneaking in from behind one of her tortillas. She had this look of utter disbelief on her face, when Kimmy said, "What is it??" Then, the flash went off, and she realized what it was - she said, "Oh my God. I thought there were lights coming out of my food, and I was thinking, 'Man.......this place is AWESOME!!!!!' "

I was squealing and laughing so hard, I couldn't even breathe anymore!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT GIRL!!!!!!!!! THESE are the reasons that she and are total BFF! &=D I love you, Heather!

Later on, it started to pour rain {thanks to God, for making it rain on my birthday!!! &=) }, so everyone started to excuse themselves, to make haste to their cars. It was really coming down. Anyway, a couple of us went and played pool at Pub 261 afterwards, and I had a great time. I adore playing pool, even though I've lost many of my skills! &=( Boo!

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming and celebrating with me! I missed my family, immensely, but I asked off from the bar for next weekend, so I'm going to go out and spend it with them. I'm having withdrawals, as usual!

Ok, I have to go. I have mucho errands to run. I will post again, as soon as viably possible.

I love you guys so much!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the very bottom of my heart!!!!

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