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Hey! Ok, guys. I'm REALLY sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm still working on getting the www at the attic, and aside from that, I really haven't had time! I've been working at the hospital like a fiend on crack, then I've been sick, then working more - it's just been crazy!

And of course, there's crap that I can't post about, since more people are finding out I have a blog.


And, I hate letting it fall by the wayside. Dammit! Why is this thing typing in italics?!?
There. I already pushed the italics button once to make it stop, but I guess it didn't want to.

Lately...let's see, what's been going on lately? Well, last night, I was in surgery from 7a until about 8:30p, on and off, of course (oh, I needed the money, trust me). And, when we were wrapping up, my surgeon (Dr K) said, "Okay, we're going to get an AP and a lateral, then let Jennifer go, so she can go let my dog out!" So, I did my last two shots, then hauled ass to Hoover to let Cinder go tinkle and poopers. She was JUST ABOUT to jump through the window, she was so happy to see me, God love her! Then, she jumped in the car (she loves car rides with me, for some reason), we rode down to visit Heather, then I brought her back and came home.

I was exhausted!

But I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'm back today for more. Thankfully, we have a very light day today, because this afternoon, I'm going home to take a nice, long, hot shower and crash like a 747 (ooo, still too 9/11-ish? sorry).

Oh yeah, my boss' Chris' 40th birthday was yesterday, so we threw him a Wolverine party, since Tommy said that's his all-time favorite Marvel character. Tommy had the idea, Terri made all the arrangements and bought the cake and all the decorations, and I picked up the cake and put the party together - it was fanatical yesterday! We thought about doing the whole, "Lordy, lordy, look who's older than Jesus," but it just didn't seem right, since Chris is so...well, retarded. And, I took pics, and ONE DAY, if I can get my hard drive, my camera, and my usb all near a working computer at the same time, I'd LOVE to post pictures!

And, yes, yours truly has taken pictures of EVERYTHING, since I've gotten my new cam! A friend gave me his 512 mb card out of his phone, since he wouldn't be using it. I just have to remember to dump every time I'm home. I took like a hundred pictures of the girls the other day, just because I wanted to see how close I could get (yes, before I pissed them off). But it's an awesome little starter cam. It's not permanent, by any means. I need more power and a better res viewer. When it comes to tech stuff, I'm exactly like my mom. The more features, the more buttons, the more crap, the bigger the book, the better! Like my uncle Gordon says, though, the best camera is the one you have with you. This cam has already paid for itself a hundred times over, if in nothing else but by buying my happiness!!! &=D

I've got about 2 more weeks before I have enough saved up to get some movers, so Heather, tell Lee thank you for being so patient - I'll get my crap soooooon!!! In a couple of weeks, I'll be fully moved into the attic! I have so much crap to do, though, so I need to wrap this up. Oh yeah! My phone is back on! But it's still acting crazy, turning itself on and off all the time, so if you call me, I SWEAR I'm not ignoring you...unless you're a collection agency - then bite me. Money doesn't come out of thin air, no matter HOW MANY TIMES you ask me for it.

Ok, ok, going. I posted. Be glad of it. I'm happy. Happier than I've been in a really, really long time. If I could just find that missing piece, then I'd be ok. Ahhh, Rome wasn't dismantled in a day, and neither was I!

LOVE YOU GUYS! (except for the collection agencies - lemmee 'lone.)

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Anna said...

I wish GOD would kill all the collection agencies. Just blow 'em all up.