It was all HIS fault

So, the birthday party night kinda ended with the birthday party girls looking like this...at almost 3 in the morning.

And, it's all the fault of this little guy:

This is (help me out, Shelb) "magic balloon boxcar."

Cute, right?

Ohhhhh, not so, my friends. Not so.

I'm just now getting home and getting settled, and it's exactly 4:36a - yes, in the morning. I have to be at work in, ohhhh, 2.5 hours. So, Imma go lay down for a couple, get up, go through the daily grind (with a little help from some caffeine buddies), come home, and explain to you why that tiny car will live in infamy.

I'm so delirious, I'm using commas for the letter "I" - this is SOOOO not going to be my day.

,'m gonna lay down now. ,'m exhausted, and ,'m having major problems fosucing......

Part Deux later....

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anna said...

Oh hell, woman! I hope you got some sleep!