...Completely mad...

Ok, I need a favor from someone. I went out to get my costume yesterday, and HOLY CRAP. I totally should have done it last week, like I said I was going to. Actually, I probably should have ordered it. But I'm the kind of shape that forces me to try things on before buying. So, the Alice costumes were all out, and I ended up with Mad Hatter. Which is fine, but I had a friend say that no one would know who that was. And, if you don't, you really should get out more.


Ah, to the favor. If ANYONE has a colorful teapot and teacup that I can borrow for my Halloweener party, I'd REALLY appreciate it. I just want something to go with my costume, and I'm going to run by Wal-mart (BLAH) to see if I can find a tiny white bunny or mouse or something to add to the effect...of being mad.

I'm headed out to the Pell right now, for mine and Shelb's (and everyone else's) missed birthday parties. We've just been so crazy, what with Amy in school and me working 6 days a week, that we haven't had a chance to hang out and do birthdays and stuff like we used to. It's really been a crazy year.

Blah. I have to go. I'll probably post again when I get home, because I've got a total lot on my mind. Like a serious acre of stuff.

Anyway, we gotta talk.

Me and the computer.

Or me and oblivion.

You know, whatever works.

God, now it makes sense that the Mad Hatter costume was the only thing left.


Mad as a hatter:
Completely mad. This is now commonly understood to mean crazy, although the original meaning is unclear and may have meant annoyed.

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