That's DEFINATELY wrong

Oh my flippity-crap. This WHOLE TIME OF MY ENTIRE EXISTENTIALLY EXISTENT LIFE, I've been spelling "definitely" wrong!


I couldn't possibly make that frowny face any bigger. But that's just because Blogger won't let me MAKE A WHOLE BLOG OF FROWN!


I feel so...........DEFEATED!!!!!!!!!!!

This is EXACTLY like that time I had to take the blackboard in Mrs. Thomas' second grade class and write out "because," and TO THIS DAY, that public trauma has caused me to misspell it "beacause" EVERY DING-DANGITY FLIPPITY-FUCKING TIME!!!!!

Just so you people know, I make up my OWN LANGUAGE, and I don't really care who understands it. "Beacause" if you don't understand me, you won't EVER understand it. You fuckers know how I am about my grammar. Or grammer. Who the fuck knows anymore????? Up is white, down is cheese sammich.


Anyway, I've gone through my entire blog and corrected all those DEFINITE mistakes.

I'm gonna go throw up now. Forever.

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