Pains & Planes


I shit you not - I CAN'T BREATHE. My back is all knotted up, and I made Dave poke around on it, and he said, "You know those are your trigger points for fibro."

Well, effing great.
*kicks something*

So, now I have to cancel my appt with the spine doctor and see if I can get in, with the quickness, to see the rheumatologist. Dave said that, more than likely, if I can just get them to up my meds from 75mg bid to 150mg tid, I should start feeling markedly better.

My left arm and shoulder are killing me. If I was any more an idiot, I'd actually think I was having a heart attack. But, it can't be, because:
A. my chest isn't hurting
#5. the pain is going down the back of my left arm, and
$. the pain in my scapula is a dead giveaway.
Actually, I think it's more rhomboid and levator scapular pain, as opposed to just straight-up scapula.

And, you thought rhomboid was just an annoying term your geometry used to confuse you.

Also, I'm going to have to sleep on the heating pad tonight which is a TEE-total no-no. But, for God's sake, I've got to get some relief. Dave pulled on my head, and traction does always help, but unless I can wheel myself around in some portable traction unit, it ain't gonna make a whole lot of difference. The kind of traction I need is like hanging from the doorframe. I really think that if someone just hung me by my head (no, NOT my neck, jackass) and kicked me out the window, that would solve SO many of my problems...probably even financially! You know how chiros are always trying to fix broken toes by realigning T4-7? Well, maybe my bad juju just comes from a jacked-up occiput! &=D HARHARHAR!!!! Omg! I crack myself up with random technical medical jargon!

It's the only thing I know, so go with me on this.

Ahhhhhh, anyway. Oh, shit. I meant to get some towels from the hospital, so that I could make a bump for my neck. Like it's going to DO any good, but my neck has been liking when I ball my pillow up and lay on my back. My psyche, though, does not. I have that "spiders crawling in mouth" fear.

Speaking of fears, I also have an irrational fear that a plane will land on the interstate.

But I mean the BIG kind...like one of those new A380 Airbus's that seats 550 people.

Yes, I'm ascared of planes. And spiders.


Leigh said...

But are you scared of spiders on planes?


Jimmy said...

Oh, man - snakes on a plane is nothing. But spiders? On a plane? In an enclosed space? Where they can hide under chairs?

I need to breathe into a paper bag - I'll be right back.