Que Sera, Sera - What will I be?

I'm WAAAY too lazy (and trashed - long story) to use the energy to put up a poll, but here's the deal.

I need your help in picking a costume - this year, I'm either going as Alice in Wonderland (front and back of same costume):
or the Mad Hatter (2 dif costumes from which to choose):

Please email me or post a comment including your vote for which costume. There's always a possibility that you may run across me in the grocery store, dressed in the very costume you chose! I'm just a complete and total sicko like that!

I'll have to get a blonde wig, obviously, to go as Alice, but the Mad Hatter keeps my own crazy curls (because the Mad Hatter had dark hair). And, as I say EVERY YEAR, yes, I have to lose a metric ton of weight, but I'm going as is this year - broke knee and all - since my surgery was unsuccessful in getting me back to the gym, like I had originally anticipated. Grrrrrrrrr........

I'll be out of town from Oct 26-28, in order to attend (what I'm hoping will become a long-standing tradition for me) Voodoo Fest in N'awlins.
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I'm going with a couple of friends, and I'm incredibly excited!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket *The ever-popular Corna for your viewing pleasure*

But, I'll be back in time to enjoy some Halloween fun, which, according to this calendar, occurs on a Wednesday.

Um, blah? And, a happy birthday to my ex-love? Yes, I say that.

I haven't picked up a paper to see what's happening in town for Halloween, so I guess I should do that, to see what plans I'll be making for myself!

Sean, no "this IS my costume" t-shirts.

And Anna, I'm going to come find you and force you to dress up and go out and have fun with me!!!! &=P DO IT!!! You know you want to!

Dwane, you're just a butt for being out of town and doing what your job "tells you to do." But at least we're going to see >orn this weekend, right????? WOOOOO!!!! Aw, and me without a clean bustier - oh well, people will deal.

Heather, I'm still holding you to the Dumb and Dumber costumes for next year, ok? Don't EVEN pretend you're growing out of being a retard, just because you're some freaky school marm. You can hang that vision up. Soccer mom, my ass.

Alrighty, then. I'm on my 3rd beer and second klonopin, so I'm gonna be working my way towards the bed at this current moment. I had a complete and total meltdown today, which started with the pains in my knee and neck, continued on with my inability to find my TROM brace (to maintain the little stability I have), a new revelation that my old apartment complex is sending me to collections with a bill of over $1200 FOR NOTHING, for when I moved out, and finally culminated in the fact that I screwed myself over when signing up for benefits for the following year, so it turns out that I'll be able to contribute NOTHING to my 401K, B, 457GXQ, WTFEVER IT IS NOW.

So, my friend Dave came over to drop some stuff off for my computer, and God bless him, ended up putting the thing together, while I lay in the floor and sobbed and snotted and cried and bawled and cursed and kicked and screamed. But he was just like, "We'll fix it. Whatever it is, we'll fix it." I absolutely adore him. He's awesome. He just hugged me and hugged me while I squalled my eyes out. And, you people know how I am - succumbing to ANY weakness (like crying), especially in front of people you don't really KNOW-know, makes you a total pussy, and you should be drug out in the street and shot a hundred times, then have a motorcycle peel off on your face. But, you know, that's just my personal opinion...and only about myself. Anyone else, I could care less how they handle their business.

Well, and then he took me to get food, because I'm all out of money. He tried to give me a $20 later, but I wouldn't take it. I've fucking gotten myself INTO this shit somehow, and I'll be mother-fucking damned if I'm gonna get my own damn self out.

As they make fun of me saying now...."I GOT this."

Well, now, I gotta pee. So, vote. Tell me which one is the bestest of the 3. Gimme inputs.

WOAH, I just burped big. That was a lot of beer for me, in 20 minutes.

'Scuse me. Je ne sais quoi! (I know not anything!)

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Anna said...

OMG, I'd love to!!! Halloween is my all time fav-o-rite holiday. Our NA group is having a H party and we are going to dress up and have a costume contest. My husband wants to go as a bottle of JD and dress our 11 year old as a shot glass. I told him that would NOT be appropriate. :)

I like the Mad Hatter costume. It's waaay cool.