I cut ALLLL the hairs



It's been so long since I've posted anything, I think I might forget how!

Anyway, I've got world's second worst headache, have been having probably world's third worst weekend, and have got world's first worst body aches (weather), so Imma lay down.


*drum roll*

My new hair!

I have been DYING to get my hair cut, and this isn't the full version, because I'm getting it colored red and dark purple (I'm 30, it's my hair, I'm also getting a motorcycle, suck it up), but that's not until the 14th, because, OF COURSE, they didn't have my colors in stock. And, yes, I donated exactly 10 inches to Locks of Love, although I still think Wigs for Kids was a better organization. They didn't have a shady past, from what I read about Locks of Love.


I just hope they can fashion that crap into a beautiful wig for some baby, because it surely wasn't doing me any good, and I wasn't doing it any justice. It had just gotten way too hard to take care of, especially living in "Kleenex Box Bathroom" and showering in "Triaminic Box Shower." Oh, you don't get what I'm saying here? Let me clarify:


Also, YES, once again, I'm looking for a new place. There's been so much SHIT going on here, I just don't know that I can take it much longer. Plus, I'd like to have a place where me and the cats don't have to make a tent over my radiator heater to stay warm, or I don't have to walk around in the kitchen with a flashlight. I'd LIKE to do it before my surgery the first part of the year, but I don't anticipate that.

Oh yeah, next knee surgery is Jan 14, 08. I'm hoping they're going to do an arthroscopy on me as well, but we'll see. I haven't planned it, yet.

I did just have an MRI of my lower back, and they said I have bulging disks, whatever the crap that means. It's not hurting, but I had to have it done, so that Dr. Monfared would do a block on my right SI (sacroiliac) joint. Ever since I had the RIA, my right leg has been KILLING me - I exaggerate not. Right now, the front of my lower leg and my hip and knee are just throbbing. It's the weirdest crap. But, I'll let you know when that's going to happen.

I've got so much to tell you guys and to post and whatnot, but I'm killer tired. Heather took me to Salon 2000 in Trussville, which is where the deed was done, then we went and ate at Red Robin at the Pinnacle, and absolutely ran our mouths until we were exhausted.

God, I love hanging out with her.

Last two pics - I promise I'll be posting more soon that the webs are back. *sigh* I CANNOT make it without the interblags, for seriously.

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anna said...

Looks beau-t-ful!!! I got my hair "did" yesterday but it looks the freakin' same. HA