i'm not dixxy, your face is just blurry.

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I was just about to launch into this huge post, leaving in my wake tons of horrible pictures and cursing, as I'm singing Slipknot's "Fuck This World" at the top of my lungs.

But, then I got dixxy. See? That was actually supposed to be dizzy, but I'm apparently so dixxy I can't find the keys. Good thing I wasn't looking for car keys. Where are those, by the way?

I forgot, though - I just took a bunch of meds that make me want to be sleepy, since I can't seem to be wanting to sleep at night. And in case you haven't caught on yet, me not getting sleep = bad, bad things.

Oh man. There's ALL this shit I want to tell you guys, - or whatever peoples are reading this - but I'll have to wait for my brain to come back online sometime tomorrow. I spent ALL DAY cleaning my effing house, specifically geared towards tiring myself out and forgetting ALL about this horrendous day. It didn't work. When I got done, I was getting my second wind to start on the upstairs. So, I took the meds, popped a squat at the 'puter, and promptly forgot about the meds. And when I stopped finding the picture button with my brain and sat up to look for it, I did a complete sitting circle (God, I hope I know what all of this means when I sober up), slammed back into my chair and was like, "Oh my God - I think my head is on backwards!"

Then, I remembered. So, I decided to post it, since I was promising I was going to post about something else.

Yeah, this is going to mean NOTHING to me tomorrow.

So, I leave you with this: a couple of pics of me after a lone night's hardcore drinking. Those with weak constitutions might want to consider another country in which to take up residence (in my head, that's a pun - whether or not it will apply tomorrow, I'm no longer responsible):

(shit! where's that god-damned picture button???)

Jesus. It's so bad that I just listened to, like, 7 minutes of a song, wondering why I was listening to this song that I hated, before I realized I had the power to change it. Der.

Just so's you know, yer gonna be seeing a LOT of THIS jimmy for a while to come. She's very...unfortunate. And, that's about all I can say about her. Things aren't boding well here at "The Attic." I'm sure I'll get to elaborate more on that, and I'm sure there will be many groans and complaints to take me off the internet, because I make people reconsider suicide.

Not my intent. I'm just sharing, like I said, the very inner core of my brain that I can reach with an ice cream scoop. Don't like it? Don't read it.

Although, on the bright side, I DID just get asked out on a date. &=) By a friend. But we're still calling it a date. It's probably not going to develop into anything, since I'm such a fucking schicken. But, it's still kinda...fun. It's too bad I'm such a loser that he'll actually have to come pick me up. Suddenly, my loss of car has completely skyrocketed me to SUPER-loser status, with the cape and the hot boots and EVERYTHING.

Well, SHIT.

I forgot what I was saying. So, I'll probably stop now. In fact, I probably should.

I'm going to go crawl down seventy-five flights of stairs to go to the bathroom right now. I hope I get to come back up later on. But I guess that depends solely on which body part will be in control after the urination domination. If not...well. Maybe I should take a pillow.

Oh, I like this song, and I recognized it right away. Haha! There's hope for me, yet!

I lubs you guys. I hope you're all well. I wish more peoples would gimme some comments on my blag, instead of just emailing me. It's funner getting comments that other people are going to read. That way, it looks like I actually HAVE friends.

God, I'm lame. &=P

"Who's going next?
I'm dying to see!
Spin the bottle, baby,
and give it to me!"

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anna said...

Why'd ya have such a bad day?

The pictures were very pretty and I couldn't detect complete and total drunkeness in either one.


Have I told you I've been without a vehicle SINCE JULY??? My van broke down and since we are so poor we cannot get it fixed. I've been nutso crazo in here!!!!

Feel better and gigantic hugs.