mitskaes and all

Um, hey.

I haven't written in a really lnog time.

I haven't really wanted to.

Also, Ijhave a splint on my right hand, so I can't type wery well, so I'm just going to leaveall my mistakes, ok>? Because i don't want todo all that backspacing and crap today.


My family came to town. Sabrina and greg came from Seattle, and Cressie, Grinell, and Ji Xia came from Cali. We've all been hanging out, we went to the lakehouse (The Perch_), I tried to get internet up there onb my laptop to no avail, and we had Gram's 85th bday party/cookout this past weekend. Omg, I twas killer. As Spongebob wpuld say, "it was the greatest party EVAAAAA!!!!" We had a really good time, and I think she did too, which is all that mattered to me. Oh, and we got to talk to Bob, Alice and Olive on Skypem, wich is also killer.

Anyway, I'mll delve into allov this later. My hand is really tired and hurting, as are my neck and shoulders. I'm running low on funds, and i'm about to sign another six month lease on my place, because i have jn't been able to find another place in the hey that;'s been the summer.

I hope everyone is well. I'm ok. Just lonely, as usual. I know that completely amplifies my depression and pain. And, you know what? That sucks.

*sigh* *as usual*

I'm together. I'm all pulled togehtehr. All my strings aare tied - they're just seriously frayed. God, I'm stired. And, I'm having seirous muscle spasms, adn the skelaxin they gave me DOES NOT WORK. I'm just immune toallmeds and susceptible toall injuries and illnesses. I wish I could agree with everyone that I'm just a hypochondriac, but if you FELT the pain I feel (or was as clumsy as I am), you would seriously be bitching way more than I EVER let on anymore.

I'm just going to have to force myself toput it on God, because I can't do it. But I have tol. And, Iwill. And, I'll be damned if I'm still going to join the Peace Corps or something of a similar nature - pain and suffering be damned. There are people out there who are starving to death or dying because of disease. I think I could manage to help someone else out, coming from my privleged American life.

One rant and I'm out:

This shit is hurting so badly, I feel like I'm going to pass out.

But, don't tell anyone.


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