Holy sweet Jesus! Literally! Thank you, God! &=D

I've been messing around today, cleaning and trying to get things organized, and THEN, I sat down to pay bills. (dum dum dum)

I went ahead and made a payment on one of my two credit cards still floating around out there, First Premier - $50. The minimum payment was $25, but that's with an interest rate of 19.90%, since I had botched up a long time ago and couldn't make payments. The balance on the card is only $199.98, but with that kind of interest rate.....OUCH. So, actually, the balance used to be much lower.

Then, I made a payment on the other credit card, Capital One, for $76.19, which was the minimum due at the time, since I haven't paid on this one in a while. The balance on it was..........

Oh! You know what? I'm a freaking idiot!

I just went to look to see what the balance was, and apparently, I had mistaken the balance for the minimum due, so I just paid off my Capital One card!


Wow. That actually wasn't my intention, but oh well! That's okay, because I actually do have it. I had just intended on paying a little over the minimum balance due!

Hahahaha!!!! That was great! I never would have done that in real life! But, I did! &=D

Okay, ANYWAY, what I was getting at was, after I had paid my Capital One, I decided to call and just SEE if they would lower my APR, which was 18.99% with them. When I called, they transferred me to the "APR Lowering Squad," and I talked to THE nicest credit agent I've ever talked to in my life...and believe you, me I've talked to them ALL.

I told her my situation - I'd like to lower my APR, so that I could actually get my card paid off. On her end, I guess she saw my other card and said, "do you have another card you're paying on?" I told her yes, that I had just made a payment a few minutes before I called, and I was trying to pay that one off as well. She asked what the APR was there, and when I told her, she said, "You know, we could do a transfer, and transfer that balance over to your Capital One account. Once we did that, we could lower your APR to 9.9% for three months, then afterwards, it becomes a variable rate. The last time it went up, it only went up .15%."

I was totally shocked, and I was trying really hard to mentally figure out what the catch was (which I'm assuming is only the variable interest rate, which doesn't really bother me, since my leftover balance is so low). I really couldn't think of anything, and she explained things very thoroughly, so I decided, what the hell? I've always heard of people transferring balances back and forth to various credit cards, but I'd never done it. I'm 31 - time to try something new, and as usual, hope it doesn't backfire on me!

So, I have actually paid off my Capital One (mistakenly, but yay!), then transferred my almost $200 balance TO Capital One, with a 9.9% + variable interest rate, so this is going to be a breeze to pay off.


NOW, my only problem is all my medical bills and that damn apartment complex that won't leave me alone. But, that's another story.

So, everyone! Get on the horn right now and ask for lower interest rates! If you don't, you're just throwing money away!

Yes, my fanny is still broken, but I'm about to leave and go to Target, to get some things, pick up my meds at CVS, drop some bills off at the post office...and I think that's it. Then, I'll get to come home and chill, rest and read, watch tv or do some fun crafts.

And, I'm NOT using my credit card! &=P

There's so much crap I haven't posted, but want/need to. Just keep checking back. I'm going to ATTEMPT to post videos, but I really hate the face-ish part of myself, so I don't know. I wish I could just do audio! &=D But, there's also a picture blog I need to post, as all.

And, just to put everyone on high alert - if I EVER use the term "vlogging," KILL ME.

That is all.

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