Cut your nose off to spite your face.

And, here's the new one:

Your a complete nut, and someone should have you committed before you seriously hurt someone. Your lucky I asked the cop not to arrest your crazy ass. Figures your crazy ass has to find a new guy to fuck with and spread your crazy to instead of figuring your own fucked up self. Let me know who he is so I an let him know how you treat people and how you treat children you psychotic manic depressive fuck. Your lucky I don't drop domino off at a kill shelter just to spite you. Don't ever come near my home or any home I live in again or I will have you arrested on site. You are not welcome on any home/apartment to which I apply a payment and should I see you I will treat it as your attempt to cause me or my family harm and I will treat you as such you crazy bitch. You are the hideous plagues that is infecting what could be a good and happy world. Thanks to you people all around you are living slightly unhappier lives then they deserve and they will never truly be happy until you are out of the picture. Even though I know you wont i hope you take this to hear. You truly are disturbed.

Comments, anyone?

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Lorza said...

he sounds slighty disturbed. If he wants nothing to do with you, why does he keep emailing or however this is getting to you? I would just ignore him, and like all pests he shall go away.

Sorry girlie! Turn the other cheek is my advice. Karma is a bitch and he will get his one day. Know that!