Shark-puppy & my life

So, I'm at work right now, as I always am at this time of day.

Lots of things have happened, most not worth mentioning.

Most noteworthy - I have a puppy, now. His name is Jackson - Anpan Jackson _fill-in-the-blank_ Braxton, to be exact. The blank is for whatever he's doing at the moment. He's an AmStaff (that's safety-speak for PIT BULL), and he's my baby! We had to visit the pet doc yesterday, because he was having a problem eating. Turns out, he has coccidia (coccidiosis), tiny protozoans that are living in his intestines, making him have diareenies and little to no appetite.

So, he got a BIG ampicillin shot (he cried!), and he gets to eat yogurt yesterday and today, which it turns out he really likes! He's on two antibiotics, and she said he should start to gain weight in no time. He's such a skinny cage of bones! She started laughing when I said I could see his "dog pelvis."

But, he's my sweet baby. He's going to go back to Ralph Gibson in Pelham for training, but he needs to get over this first. Phil and I took Jezzabelle to Ralph, and she was a much better behaved dog for it, so I'm really excited. He's already such a good boy, he needs very little improvement!*

*Except for when he likes to play "shark face." He opens his mouth really wide and waves his head around, trying to play-bite me. I tell him no, because he's a puppy and not a shark.

Aside from that, not much is going on.

My cousin Bob, his wife Alice and their baby Olive came to visit last weekend, so that was a lot of fun. I just wish we all could have spent more time together. It's hard when people live so far away.

I'm back in touch with my friend, Joseph, with whom I haven't spoken in close to six years, so it's been nice to talk to him. He lives close to Silicon Valley and is working for a gaming company. He's really busy, though, trying to move up through the ranks.

Thankfully, my job offers none of that.

I'm on ninety-day probation, for being late and call-ins. Who knows - maybe me getting fired will be the best thing to happen to me! If it wasn't so immediately and pressingly expensive, I'd totally be up for a move RIGHT NOW! But, I have to think of MY family, which is now my two girls and Jack.

Still, I'd like to pursue that Living Waters for the World program. Right now, I think I'm just wasting time, kicking my feet around, hoping something good will happen. I need to stop screwing around and do something, that's for sure.

I don't know what my life holds, but I know I'm ready for anything right now. I'm more confident and alive than I've been in years. I'm sick of being trapped by old memories and difficult and wrong decisions that I made so long ago.

Forward is good.

...unless you're in a car, careening over the ledge of a mountain. In that case, just pray for wings! &=)

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