From the frying pan to another frying pan

Haha, I had actually just started this blog off by saying that I was feeling a little better, but that rug was just jerked out from under me!

I had an apartment picked out and was ready to sign, so I called about it today, but the lady told me it was taken!

That had taken so much unnecessary stress off of me, but now, it's been heaped right back up on my shoulders.


Anyway, I talked to that same girl with Apartment Locators and have her back on the hunt. I also talked to this guy at Select My Space, and he said to call back on Aug 1, because they'll have tons of notices coming in for Sept 1, since that's when I plan to be out.

Also, there's the world's most adorable house that's rent-to-own, which is ideally the most awesome of all the plans. It even says they deal with crappy credit.


I know this will all work out, but it's the constant anxiety and the potential heart attacks looming over me that get me right now. And, it's inevitable with me. Unless I'm supposed to stay doped up on klonopin, and that can't happen.

Physical therapist Joe says "relaxed tall." Dr Handley says "breathe."

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