MY apartment, NOT his.

Lots to post, no time to sit and think.

I'm moving into my apartment this weekend! &=D Actually, my friend Paul helped me start moving on Wednesday. He said, "why don't you just call and see if you can get the keys today? Then, we can start moving things." So, I called, got my money order for my first month, filled out all my paperwork, and I got my keys that day!

I can't even begin to express how excited I am (infinitely)! &=) In fact, I don't have time to right now! I use lots of words, a fact of which I'm sure you are all aware.

But, I ran across this thing called Translation Party, where it translates things to Japanese and back to English, since our languages don't always decipher, one into the other, very well.

So, I put in:
I am moving into my apartment this weekend

And, here's what I got back:

1st trans to Jap:
1st trans back to Eng:
His apartment I am moving this weekend
2nd trans back to Jap: 彼のアパートに私はこの週末に移動午前
2nd trans back to Eng: I am moving into his apartment this weekend

Um, NO! I'm moving into MY apartment! ALLLLLLLL mine! &=)

Several people have commented on how happy I am. Someone said that he didn't think he'd EVER seen me this happy. That made me sad. (kidding) But, I realized that this has been more oppressive and burdensome than I had originally thought. I thought I was just...I don't know - me. Eventually, though, the high will wear off, and I'll be forced to cope with daily life, again.

But, right now, I'm having the time of my life! &=)

Jack's with Ralph - he's keeping him until next week. We'll get everything moved (no, I don't know how, yet), I'll bring the girls in to acclimate them, get my bed built (WOOHOO!!!!), get Jackson's crate cleaned and put back together, and we'll be ready to live! I'm so excited that we're going to all be on the same level (even though Mama has a door *wink*), because I think we'll be a lot better able to commune and get a little closer to each other...without Jammy always having the option to run downstairs and escape into the bathroom. &=P

I'm hoping that we'll get a lot done and maybe we can start unpacking things...which is a little weird to me - other people touching my things. But, it's okay. I want to get unpacked this time. I wouldn't mind making this place "home".... for a little while, at least. No more attic, no more boxes.

I can't wait. &=)

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