I know, I know

Time for an update, although I've been incredibly busy - believe it or not, I've been busy making friends, being social and TRYING to stay out of the drama-light, although I've been a tad unsuccessful at that. (Anyway, that is the SERIOUS understatement of the universe.)

My friend Scott is down for a visit (leaving tomorrow), and we're about to go meet Cory for mine and Cory's regular Sunday night throw-down of the Sucky Pool Game of the Week.

And, that bitch is getting on my nerves, again. After so long for ignoring it, it's back, and I'm trying to keep it in check. I'm externally being a grown-up, but internally, I'm pitching a fit and kicking her ass. I shouldn't BE this way, but I also don't think I have these emotions for no reason. And, it really fucking gets on my nerves.

SHE gets on my nerves.


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Lorza said...

:) I hope you are having fun girl!! Sounds like you are!!