Quick updatery

I'm a tard-face. I just twittered a bunch of stuff that I should have just blogged.

Haha, and I just verbed a whole bunch of words that aren't! I'm so 21st century!

Anyway, here's the rundown:
  • Cory's registry is tomorrow - don't sweat it, sweetheart. You're going to do fine. And, we're going to party afterwards.
  • My darling Erica turned 19 on June 25 - happy belated birthday, baby girl! She's working soccer camp at UAB, and we got to hang out yesterday - it was so nice. I love you, sweet girl, and I'm so proud of you!
  • Dave's coming back from Geneva tomorrow - thank GOD.
  • Phil had his class orientation this morning - hope everything went well (I love you)
  • The Jimmerfam is at Nickelodeon Resort in Orlando until next week, so me and Jack are on housewatch duty. No one come near the place, please. There's a very well-trained and scary attack pitbull there. And, I'd hate for us to have to kill you. I'm pretty sure that might devalue the house some, and I really don't want Heather to have to clean up dead bodies when she gets back. (Um, YOU'RE WELCOME, Mig.)
  • Scott's still on the job hunt in Louisville, but he's actually had a couple of good interviews with headhunters. Good luck, babe.
  • Anna.B was supposed to be getting a second opinion on her "sigmoid surgery" today, so I want to HEAR SOMETHING, ANNA. I'm praying for your fanny.
  • Marti's sister, Terry, had her surgery - they removed part of her liver, he said it went well, thought he got most of the cancer, and she'll start chemo within a month - PRAISE GOD!
  • I united the Lees with their brand-new, solid black, baby kitty this evening - no word on if it's a girl or boy - and yes, I bawled my face off when I had to take it from the mama kitty. &=( Ralph must think I'm a complete nut-job.
  • Today was a sit-down session with Ralph. He said Jack's right on track and for me to stop getting discouraged, because I really am doing well. Cats are so self-sufficient, that I'm just so scared that I'm doing things wrong with Jack...and yes, it makes me cry (like now). But, I'm trying REALLY, REALLY HARD.
  • Apartment hunt went okay, yesterday. Saw some okay places - nothing that screamed "party at my house." A little disheartening, but this has been my first venture out. Using an apartment locator service, so I think I'm going to have to widen my use of those. They only show apartments with certain property owners, and not by area, like I had originally thought. Saw Engel Properties yesterday. And, YES, Heather, I'm considering roomie service, but with two cats and a dog, that's going to be really hard. Plus, I don't want some weird-ass stranger off the skreet.
  • Work's okay - feeling better from my meltdown the other day, but I'm ending my period, so that helps. Still stressed as shit about money. Right now, money IS my God - and I don't like that one bit. &=(
  • My landlord tried to keep me here with promises of "new insulation sprayed in the attic and drapes for the kitchen," but I told him it was too little, too late. It's been a grueling summertime in the attic since March, and all that should have already been done. I can't believe I have to try to make it through August, again. &=(
  • Still super-emo right now, but I think it has to do with my meds (yes, I pulled money out of my savings and picked them up like you instructed me to, Mig), but I'm working on that. I hate feeling yucky, especially when I remember what good feels like.

I think that's it for now. If anyone has anything to add, please feel free. I like keeping up with everyone, and I like for my people to know about my other people. All my people are important to me, and if I've left anyone out, I'm truly sorry. My brain atrophies with age creeping up (I'm 32 in August. Don't get me started, or I'll never stop crying).

Jack is snoring, so I'm going to lay down and veg out with the Simpsons. I love you guys, tons!!!!!


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