Caplin Rous

A new favorite site:

Capybara Madness
I've always been fascinated with the capybara for some reason. You can see them at the zoo, but it always makes me sad. And, even though he's NOT a hamster, I think it's the fact that he LOOKS like a giant hamster that trips me out. It's like gigantic cuteness to infinity!

Capybaras are originally from South America and are actually a member of the rodentia order - they are, in fact, the largest member of the rodent family! (Hey, I like rodents - don't knock them till you get to know them!)

You really have to check out the site. His name is Caplin Rous. R.O.U.S., as most of you should know, stands for Rodents of Unusual Size, which comes from the movie The Princess Bride (1987). Although, you must agree, Caplin looks WAY better than the guy in the movie!



Okay, so maybe Caplin can't really read. But, he looks far more distinguished than the former.

Anyway, check Caplin's site out! His birthday is coming up on July 11th (he'll be two!), and his owner, Melanie, wrote a book in his honor, called The Adventure of Celeste the Cat: Celeste and the Giant Hamster.

Happy early birthday, Caplin!

Check him out! He's a handsome fellow!

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