Radiologic Technologist - REGISTERED

Cory just called me...

And, I quote:

"My name is Cory Fields, RT(R)!"


I knew you could do it! He was so nervous going into this (and pretty much since he was in school), but he passed with a 97%!!! I'm so proud of him! &=) It took him about two hours, and since we're in the twenty-first century, he was able to find out his grade before he left. "Back in the day," we had to wait for either the big envelope or the little envelope. I still remember getting my big envelope in the mail. The first thing I did was scream and go running across the yard, and I fell in the drainage ditch and almost killed myself.

So, we're going out for drinks tonight. &=) I'm so freaking proud of you, kiddo! I never had a doubt in my mind that you would pass. But, when it's your ass on the line that they're grading, it's real hard to not be nervous.

He said that he's wasted the past two weeks of his life, especially worrying about this thing, because the test was SO EASY. Although, this guy was also top? second-top? in his class, so it's not like he was in any real danger of flunking. With me, my mom had died, and I had pretty much given up giving a shit about anything - incidentally, that's when all my depression and problems started. But, you all know that story.

Congratulations, Cory! Now, get your ass to the 'ham and let's party like I don't actually have to go to work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Now, we just have to secure you a regular job, so you can move here and take care of poor Kerry {and me}!)

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