As the cards bend and fold, the house will crumble

Emily sent a note out, saying Ang had put in her 2 weeks (actually 3 weeks) notice at the warehouse. Turns out, Jerry is giving her 1 week and having her work only half days. This is so typical of him. Also, Bongo texted me and said she had gotten fired, because she had taken vacation and not told Jerry (but I'm pretty sure Ang, HER supervisor, knew). This is just his way of "cleaning house," and getting new people in there who have no clue what's going on, God love them.

On the upside, Ken sent this, and it's been very inspiring to read (over and over, again):

"This is indeed very good news. She will be very difficult to replace. I would say that this is the beginning of the end of , at least with Jerry Spencer at the helm. I hold the vision that a new organization will grow out of the ashes. We have the passion. We have the talent. We have the integrity. We have the vision. We have the customers. We have the farmers. We have all of the creative genius we need to accomplish anything we set out to create. We shall not fail.

The universe supports us in our commitment to right livelihood and making the planet a more sustainable and regenerative place to live. Let go and enjoy the process. Know that we are being supported on all levels and that this is our time. We
are the change that we've been waiting for!

Mediocrity is not an option as we move into the new planetary paradigm and manifest the Garden of Eden. The kingdom of heaven within and without is unfolding before our eyes."

THIS is why I choose to keep going.

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Pat Daigle said...

That really sucks for Bongo, I had no idea. What crap! I hate what he did to Ang and how he is trying to make everything seem so happy and rosey, BLAH! GRRRRR!