Exercise IS good for something

I met the most fascinating creature on Vulcan Trail yesterday.

It was a man.

And, he's incredible.

I hope to be able to tell you more about him, but I suppose time will tell, huh? &=)

For the record, first HOT guy who's ever semi-approached me (I was running, and he stopped me) and asked me out. (Let me reiterate and ENFORCE this: I did not FALL ONTO him, I didn't fall over the bridge on the trail and into the woods, and I didn't even have to feign a broken ankle to get him to stop and help me. HE stopped ME. *grins proudly*)

These things don't happen to me. Am I finally back in the favor of the universe? As much as I kid about God hating me, I don't actually think that He does. But, I do think my "planet" might be going through an asteroid field right now.

I'll tell you this: he has a secret job and the most incredible eyes.


Okay, enough of this girlish behavior. I have the ass of life to kick.

You might want to back up for this.

Eh, a sidenote, I quit Joe's. I just couldn't go back. I've never, in my life, just stopped going to a job. But, after last night...I just couldn't. I got OUT of an oppressive environment to get back into another one. That's a no-go. I will bend this world to function on my terms.

Sorry, world, but you're going to have to be a little nicer to me than that.

Love ya'll. Here's some huggies to get you through your individual rough days - God knows we all need them - and each other.

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