Time flies when you're crazy

Yi, yi, yi.

I know. A month.

I've really been wanting to post, but I haven't been making the time. I haven't been making much time for things I feel I need to do lately.

Also, it doesn't help that I don't have the letter U on my keyboard. So, my keystroke to type a U is very deliberate, and it throws me off my rapid typing skillz.

My Grammy is in the hospital, and she gave us a real scare. I still don't have a job and can't get a hold of unemployment (there's that U, again), because they're trying to cut me off. And, I'm seeing someone. It's like someone has ripped the pages of my life out of my life book, stood on the side of a windy precipice and just tossed them over.

I'm going to update. And, I'm going to try to force myself to do it more frequently. Not even for people to read, but because it helps me.

If I don't, I'm going to have to at least buy one of those nice, white jackets, because insanity is RULING over here.

Blog, I shall return...

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