more of the same crabs

why the HELL do these people keep asking me questions? doesn't the look of "GO TO HELL" convey properly on my face? i mean, everyone ELSE says i make myself unapproachable. so why is it, when i attempt to MAKE myself really, really spikey and offputting, do people deem it necessary to ask me a FRIGGING QUESTION???

omg, what is UP with me today, anyway? oh. i think i forgot to go to the bathroom this morning. maybe that's it. or not. or maybe i just need to sit in the corner very, very quietly and read for the rest of the entire day forever. i'm reading "with a tangled skein", btw. it's really good. and i'm horribly foul. i feel like the whole FSSSSHHHHHHIIISSSSSSS!!!! or whatever that scowling, wired-up, mad cat sound is they make. that's probably how you spell it. probably.

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