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mood: drained

this bitchy blog is a bitch. my shit never shows up on here. anyway, i'm not feeling too great (it's head stuff - don't ask), so not only will i NOT be attending a halloween party tonight (with a bunch of pre-teens), but i'm pretty sure i won't be dressing up for halloween this year. i don't know - it's just not in me. i'm kinda lost in my depression and probably will be for a while.

BUT, this is my living will for the next few up and coming months. SINCE halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and i won't be dressing up this year, i have FREE REIGN until the end of the year of 2006, and i may extend it into the first part of 2007, to dress as weird as i want and not only purchase a new pair of hairfalls, but wear them wherever i damn well please.

so, there. IF YOU SEE ME anywhere outside of this house, and i'm running around like a deranged lunatic, wearing a homemade full bodysuit of aluminum foil, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT, so shut the hell up. it's been a helluva year for me, and it ain't gettin any better any quicker. well, mildly. i'll say that much. otherwise, NO. the word for the rest of this year is NO. and the rest of it is BITE ME.

i'm going to wander around the house aimlessly, until i run into someone i know. then, who knows where things will go from there? i'm so hungover from everything, i don't even know what i'm saying anymore. this makes no sense. but i don't care. all i know is i'm eating cake for dinner tonight.



Anonymous said...

hmmm...no is such a harsh word..i don't know if i could bear the word over and over again...although saying no to a cake dinner would be down right insane..my world now is on a collision course with yours so brace yourself and prepare for the worst..all in good fun of course..sometimes no really means yes

jimmy said...

ok, "anonymous" - i hope you like your cake...with a side of drama. cause i'm good at running people off - we'll see...