rewind / erase

my life is constantly flashing 12:00.

i'm one of those people who REEEEEEALLY needs a rewind button. or redo. do-over. insert tab here. don't be a jackass.

me = stupid, friggin idiot who can destroy any good thing just by OPENING HER MOUTH. and then flies come out. isn't that what people do in hell? they open their mouths and flies come out? well, i'm pretty sure i'm an idiot, so don't ask me where i was going with that.
hey, look! a good thing!


there, fixed that! no more good things for the jimmy. jesus, it's like my brain is still on training wheels! please don't ask me what i mean! BECAUSE I'M STUPID! AND I CAN FUCK ANYTHING UP!!!!!!!!! &=(

just stay away - as far away as you can. that's what i have to say to people who have not already entered the vortex once. it's like a friggin tornado-ish black hole with a side of hurricane mixed in with some typhoon. i mean, COME ON!!!!!!!! WHO'S WRITING THIS ANYWAY????


i'm going to bed...again. AND i'm watching spongebob. because i can't deal with real life. it's too much. and i'm too weak.

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