a ***STAR*** is born!


i had my first audition today, and it went AWESOMELY! dude, i was TOTALLY in my element. it was very weird how relaxed i was when i went in and while i was reading the part of "lori" - the bitchy one! in fact, i'm afraid that i was so relaxed, i didn't quite come off as the bitch i wanted to be! hahaha! &=D

i'm thinking this might be my release, my undiscovered talent, my PROZAC! i've been in such an incredibly foul mood all freaking week long. until tonight - i shot out of bed at 6p (because i ALWAYS lay down and sleep when i get home, because that's what DEPRESSED PEOPLE DO, IS SLEEP A WHOLE DAMN LOT), and i remembered suddenly that i had scheduled this audition for tonight. i was like "omg, shit!" so i jumped in the shower, and while i was giving my acceptance speech, ricky came in and scared the ever-loving shit out of me. i'm pretty sure i pooped myself, but it's a good thing i was in the shower. i turned around and screamed, and it was the most horrendous sound i'd EVER heard come out of my mouth. it sounded like an animal in heat or something.

i talked to heather later on, and she said she was at home alone one day, and something scared her and she did the same thing. she was like, "thank god i was by myself!" i was like, "well, i wasn't - but thank god he didn't have the tape recorder!" it was like someone killing cattle. or one cattle. a cat. no, not a cat. a cow. but i bet cows sound more effiminate than i did. it was like, "MWWAAAAAHHH!!!," but in this deep, gutteral tone.

ahhh, so you want to know more about my audition, eh? well, ME TOO! i was so freaking excited, i couldn't even hardly fill out the form. they took my picture and videoed me, and then after i took my clothes off, they requested that i put them back on. jk. no, really, the dude took my pic, and i was like, that whole weird eyebrow thing i do, and he was like, "oh, we do this with everyone." riiiiiight.

so, i read for lori. the first reading - not so good, because i didn't read through it first, and i was confused at who she was talking to and who she was looking at, so i kinda stumbled through that - that piece should have been my golden goose, because they were like, "just insert your own expletives - don't worry - you're not going to offend us!" so i cursed as much as i COULD, after all the years of baby-proofing my language in front of other people. now, they're REQUESTING that i curse. i half expected my mom to come bursting through the door and wring my neck. so the first part, i felt a lil awkward.

second part, arik read for the guy in the scene, so it was easier for me to bounce off of him, and i did MUCH better that time. i was like, "i'm sorry, guys - i know i'm a total noob, but can i read through this first?" they're like, "sure! sure!"...........*crickets* *more crickets* i was reading as fast as i could, knowing they're like, "come the frig on, dinnertime!" and i always get nervous if people are waiting on me.

but i got done, and they're all "hey, that was great! you did a fabulous job, etc, etc!" but they didn't SAY etc. they just gave me props and said callbacks would be in a couple of weeks. so, i jumped up and shook everyone's hands...AGAIN, and picked my bag up and almost spilled the entire contents - you know, maxipads, tampons, midol, douches, used & unused - the usual. but i was more nervous leaving than i was coming in! it was crazy!

anyway, i'm in a stellar mood right now, even though i have to clean up cat poop. and it's WAY past my bedtime, so i'm going to be a sight in the morning! crap, and i forgot to eat again! dangit. well, once i'm a star, then i'll no longer have to feed myself, so that will help. and wiping after using the bathroom has REALLY gotten old, so it's a good thing i'll have someone to do that, too. *phew* i can't wait!

bwahahaha! who am i kidding? i'll be lucky if i'm not wiping human asses for the rest of MY life! i doubt i got the part, but it was really, really fun to do it. i told heather, me and her have to get together and doing some dramatic readings, so i can get used to this! so, the cat is out of the bag - i want to act. i've always wanted to act, but i'm too friggin lazy to do anything about it! if it's not set in stone or something that i have to do to make a living, screw it! but we'll see - now that i'm a seasoned veteran of the acting community (*snort*), maybe i'll be more inclined to show my face around town!

no photos, PLEASE! &=)


tabatha said...

hooraaaaaaaaay that's wonderful!! you are so bold! keep us posted! when will you know?

jimmy said...

i dont know! they said callbacks were in two weeks, but (thankfully) they didn't shove me out the door yelling, "don't call us! we'll call you!" they seemed moderately impressed by my "abilities," so hopefully they weren't just yanking me around. like i said, i'm pretty sure i'm not going to get the LEAD in a FILM, but it was just fun, ya know? &=)