When does good turn bad?

Originally written: 8.17.07

1145a: Early afternoon

If you meet someone, and they meet most of your criteria but not all, when do you determine that it's enough?

For example:
I once met a guy who is a decent guy, nice, kind, hardworking, would have made an awesome father, loving husband, devoted and faithful partner...but he didn't believe in God.

Does that automatically negate everything about him that's good?

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Anonymous said...

No, because he himself is a creation of God, which isn't changed by the fact that he doesn't believe in God. Denying God doesn't negate everything about him that's good; it just makes it all infinitely more temporal and short term. He's decided this (his life) is all there is and all there ever will be. And that's not really 'bad', just 'sad'.
Silly Jimmy! Finding happiness (both temporal and eternal) isn't based so much on easy choices of 'good vs. bad' (No one in the history of the world ever wanted 'bad' for the sake of 'bad'. Think about it), but rather 'little good' (plus consequences) vs. 'big good' (plus consequences). Do you want a hundred dollars today, or a billion dollars tomorrow? You can only choose one.
Are you afraid tomorrow will never come? Ok, then take the fast cash with a smile and enthusiasm. Sure looks good when your hands are empty, right? But what if tomorrow does come? Are you prepared to make $100 last the rest of your life? Sorry, you don't get any more money. There was only one choice, and that was it. But I guess if you can't wait til tomorrow, then you don't deserve to be rich anyway? And I hope you realize you'd lose your right to complain about it, too!
Lucky for you (even if it doesn't feel like it) and lucky for your friends and family who love you, your hands are still open. You're a smart cookie (even if it doesn't feel like it); have faith that your emptiness will not last forever, and don't waste your time lamenting $100. Otherwise you're guaraneeing that there will never be anything else.