Where's my handbasket?

Originally written: 8.15.07

Early Afternoon

I was talking about beliefs with a friend the other day, and she posed the question: "Do you think all gays and lesbians go straight to hell?" I briefly thought, since I've never asked myself that question, before I answered, "no. I don't think all gays and lesbians go straight to hell after death."

I've thought about this many times, and I've finally concluded that, while your sexual actions dictate a part of who you are (at the time) and the sins you commit, you can't actively control with whom you fall in love (which is completely different, obviously, from lust). I, myself, am not a lesbian, but of the friends that I've had who are either lesbian or gay, I can't see most of them going on to spend eternity in the damming fires of hell.

I believe that your sexual promiscuity will be a tic mark on your slate, just as any other sin: "speeding - sin; cheating on a test - sin; sleeping with a woman - sin." And, the Bible tells us that no sin is greater or less than another sin - all sins are equal. I understand that the whole point of asking for forgiveness is with the understanding that you won't perform that same mistake again. But, realistically, there's no one on earth who's perfect - I don't care WHO you are. (Incidentally, pride and narcissism are sins. Humility is much more becoming.) And, when we die, it's more than likely that we will have things for which haven't been forgiven. In comes the Day of Judgement. Only then, will you find out what God has written down for you. We will be held accountable for everything.

The Bible, unfortunately, has been rewritten and reinterpreted many, many times over the years. Also unfortunately, it's left up to humankind with our fallible, flawed and biased nature to decipher this material. People can claim impartiality, but there's always a part of them that's leaning one way or the other.

There are things that I'm still not decided on. It's nothing personal - it's just that I haven't experienced that situation or I have mixed emotions on the subject. I don't like having those undefined feelings, but the whole world isn't black and white. If you think it is, then it is. But you can't always make people see what you want them to see, no matter how badly you want them to believe something is right or wrong. Decisions based on experience are very valuable, good to share, but not always heeded.

That was a bit of a tangent. Sorry.

There are too many seriously flawed people in my life (including myself) that I'm still hoping to see on the other side. There are also people whose souls I've cried out for in the dark. Provided you're a good person, believe in God, and always try to do the right thing, I still think He might give you a fighting chance. After all, it's ultimately between you and Him, no matter how the world tries to force you to follow the rest of the lemmings.

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