No Utero, No Cry (my apologies to Bob Marley)

Guess what? I'm getting the Pie fixed on Friday!!!! I'm so excited! She's my baby girl, but this is the longest I've EVER gone before getting one of my cats fixed. And, holy crap, I'll never let it happen again.

There are nights I would just lay awake and listen to her cry and whine and go up and down the stairs and put her heinie up in Booboo's face and proposition and holler and howl and crow, etc.

Ahhh, it's been a long time coming. Now, I think all three of us will be able to sleep at night!


Booboo actually had some babies before I adopted her (her original name was Mama Kitty Booboo), and when she came to the Huntsville office, one of her babies was left there with her. So, I went, with every intention of bringing her home, and when I found out she had a baby there, too, I got them to bring her out to see her baby, but they didn't really like each other. So, I ended up with just her, which was totally fine with me, even though she spent her first week smashed between the cabinets and the top of the fridge.

Jammy Pie was found in someone's driveway, during a thunderstorm, huddled with three of her brothers. The mom was nowhere to be found, so they either wandered away or the mom had been hit by a car or something. Anyway, she rode all the way home in the sleeve of my jacket, because she was so scared (It's actually kinda hard to drive a car with a kitten in your sleeve). And, when I got her home, she was COVERED in fleas, so I bathed her in the sink at least once a day for a few weeks. I'm pretty sure she had worms, but we remedied that quickly. Pie didn't have a name, so I let Shelby name her.

Anyway, Booboo used to talk to me, but since the Pie came along, you rarely ever get to hear Booboo's voice, unless she really wants something. And they're funny - the play together all the time, but they never sleep together. Booboo will either sleep on her pillow, in her tiny little bed, in my computer chair, or in her green, plastic house. Pie will only sleep on a pillow or lounges on the floor, at the edge of the attic, which makes me a nervous wreck. Every once in a while, I'll go through a period where I'll let them sleep with me, but if I have guests or change the sheets, they have to keep to the floor - which I'm PRETTY sure they don't do while I'm at work. I miss having a door to my room.

Plus, I bought another one of those oil-filled radiators, so I put the old, white one by them, and the new, black one by me. On really cold days, I'll drag their beds closer to that heater and turn it on. You can almost hear them purring from across the room. They really are spoiled, and I really am a crazy cat lady.

Well, I'd be a crazy PET lady if I had all the animals I really want. I actually want to have a farm, where people can bring animals to "drop off" - that way, I can see to it that they get fixed, then they can live with me and run free! &=D I'll have to somehow keep everyone separated, because I don't want the dogs eating the cats, and the cats eating the chinchillas and sugar gliders, and then the otter pond will have to be cordoned off, so the alligators can't get in...but what am I supposed to do if the tigers and giraffes want water? I'm assuming the donkeys and elephants will have to be farthest from the house, so I can't hear them braying and trumpeting early in the morning.


I really should come up with a better diagram than the one I have...

Ah! I'm getting sidetracked. I'm just excited that the Jam is getting fixed. I hope this will calm her down a bit, but I don't want it to turn her into someone else. I like her just the way she is - she's my talker. She talks because I talk, because I've been talking to her since I brought her home.

We were afraid the same thing was going to happen to Jezzabelle after we got her fixed. But, it didn't. She was still the same lovable, crazy girl with whom we fell in love. Sweet, baby girl - I miss her. She'll be 3 this year. I still have to take her Christmas box by her daddy's house. I bought her like $100 worth of stuff. I bought the cats some stuff, too, but they're just happy if I bring in a cardboard box or plastic bags for them to play in, hide in and rip to shreds.


I did manage to find a fishing pole that I anchored in the closet doors. They play with that all the time. Of course, Booboo just reaches up with one of her massively disproportionate hands and grabs it with her disturbing, opposable thumb. Then, Jammy comes around, jumping and dancing like a goof. But I love to watch them, and they love to play with it.

One of my favorite things they used to do was, when Jammy was a baby, and Booboo would get in that crunchy, green house, Jam would jump on the back of it and make the whole house collapse. Booboo would come out, ears turned back, looking SO pissed. So, I'd build the house back up, Booboo would go back in, and it would happen all over again. I couldn't help but laugh, because this would happen like 50 times a day. I don't even know why Booboo likes that gross thing. I got it at Walmart for like $5. Her kitty bed, I got for my other kitty, Biscuit, who ran away when I was teaching him to go outside (hence, why my kitties don't go out), and their two giant pillows they sleep on, one is Jezzy's old bed that she ate the zipper off of, and the other belonged to another dog who used to stay with me.

Yeah, I'm kittified today. Sue me. Kitties are fun. I do want to get a dog, but I think I'm going to have to wait. Until something. Maybe when I get more money. Maybe when I move out of this house. Maybe when I find the right one. I want a big dog, but I want one who doesn't have abundant amounts of energy, one who's just happy sitting at home with us and watching tv. And, obviously one who likes kitties.

I know - I'm so picky. I like my dogs like my men - adorable and malleable (trainable). &=D

Ok, so I'm still sick, Amy said Shelb is at home throwing up (FEEL BETTER, LU!),
Dave went home from the hospital today, with some respiratory infection (FEEL BETTER, DAVE!), and one of our ortho docs has been so sick, he's canceled his clinics AND his surgeries for the past several days. It's been way bad around here.

In fact, I think I'm going to go sit in the shower for a while, disinfect myself.


HEWY said...

Lots of Cats?!?

Jimmy said...

no, just two - unless you have cat allergies, then yes, it's a lot of cats.