Yodeling cats & bitchy nurses make for not fun days

So ok. I just got back from the doctor's office. I called in to work today, because I was feeling so horrible this morning and all through the night.

My doc thinks I have mono.

I'm thinking no, since it never is.

It started in my head (no, not mental, believe it or not), congestion, sore throat, bloody phlegm, the whole nine years, migrated down into my sinuses and both my ears, and now it's in my neck and throat. It feels really weird. I've never had this sensation before, where the outside of my neck is hurting. Even the underside of my tongue hurts. And, I'm having these spectacular headaches.

There was this lady sitting next to me, outside the lab, and she was hacking so hard and so loud that people were turning around to look at her. She belted out, "I'M NOT CONTAGIOUS!," then continued spreading her seed of death among us.

Then, I had to fight with the people in the lab, because he ordered a mono swab, and they said there's no such thing. So, I had to hike BACK to his office to get them to write me a note on my lab slip, then hike back down to the lab and listen to the woman practically berate me for even SUGGESTING that such a test exists. Lemme just go ahead and preface this by saying, I really, REALLY don't feel good right now, and now's not a good time to fuck with me. SO, she starts in on me, and I said, "LOOK, LADY. I DON'T work here. I DON'T know these things, OKAY?????? I'm just telling you what HE TOLD ME. You'll have to call him and take it up with him."

Just so you know, I don't normally blindside people with comments like that, but hey, Imma at the doctor because I DON'T FEEL GOOD. I'm really sorry peoples go to the doctor when they're not sick, but that's not my issue today, hokay? So, like, get off me.

It hurts when I turn my head, it hurts when I swallow, it hurts when I talk. I'm not ezactly working on Ms. Congeniality title today. And, people at doctor's offices should be more considerate. And, less asinine and offensive.

Anyway, he put me on some bactrim, but of course, if this is viral, it won't help anything. He said he's just going to treat me as if I have mono. I wonder if this means I have to wear some sort of biohazard suit to work tomorrow. I hope not, because mine's out for alterations.

I haven't filled my scrip yet, because I have other runnings-around that need to be done, and I don't feel like it right this second. I think I'm going to go drink some more green dragon, then lay down for a bit, because I feel...light-headed.

This is teh suck. I don't like being sick. I like TENDING TO the sick.

Ok, Jammy's smushing my papers all over the floor. Her time will come next week, when I get her tail fixed. She's been scaling the railing of my staircase like some kind of yodeling mountain climber, complete with yodeling...by a cat in heat. I can relate somewhat, but right now, I'm having that "I'd rather be living under the bed" feeling. And, since I'm still just a mattress on the floor, that would work rather well. I'm sure Aerospace Memory Foam mattress material works just as well from the bottom as it does from the top.

Let's check - zzzzzzzzzzzzz...............

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anna said...

Oh girlie!! I hope you are feeling better now!! Fluids, fluids, fluids and rest, rest, rest.