UB, you suck

So, guess who's showing her ass again? Omg, it's actually NOT me for once! But I'm flattered that I would be the first person who would come to your mind! Nope, it's our usual problem at work, Ms. Satan, or as I think I'll call her, the "Usual Butthead" for lack of a better, more family-friendly name.

So, we're all sitting around today (it's been a dead day), and UB makes a phone call. She's sitting in the middle of all us techs and makes the remark to the person on the phone that she's NOT looking forward to coming to day shift, because there are several techs around here who just don't like to work, but she's got to do this until she finds something else (that last part told in a sing-songy voice).

Well, guess what, honey-pie? No one's looking forward to having you here. And, I can assure you that is pretty much the general consensus. We're ALL dreading it.

Now, I know that she's just narcissistic enough to think that what she said above is an incredibly "ballsy" thing for her to say, that she's such a rebel to say that in front of all of us, because AFTER ALL, she IS the greatest thing since sliced bread! I mean, if anyone deserves recognition for her work with humanity, it would be UB. (I'm SO totally rolling my eyes - that was pure and straight-up irony.)

Now, let me tell you WHY she's pissed. Among one of the reasons being because I was born, there were two portables that came up today, at the same time, for PICC lines, and they called to say the patients were ready for someone to come shoot the x-rays. I took the phone call, and then I told her, because guess what? It was my lunch time, and there was NO reason for me to not go to lunch on time. Plus, after the YEARS of shit she's put me through, there's no WAY I'm doing anything to benefit her, IN ANY WAY. I wouldn't take a dump on her if she was on fire. She's just that kind of person who says things, just so she can get a rise out of you. She likes to pick fights. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she's a 4-foot-tall, 50-year-old woman, aka. wouldn't you think someone would have grown out of that high school bully mentality by now? Well, not her. Not by a LOOOOOOONG shot. In fact, I'm betting that she's either bipolar or she's getting so old that senility is starting to kick in.

For years (I'm actually not exaggerating this time), this woman has had me ending up in Chris' office, in tears, with him backed against the wall, and me screaming, "ARE YOU SURE I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG??!?! WOULD YOU TELL ME IF I WAS???? WELL, WHY DOES SHE KEEP GETTING ON MY CASE??!?!?!?"

All he would say was, "Just ignore her. You know she's crazy. She's been like this for 30-some years, and she'll never change. JUST IGNORE HER."

This was a weekly occurrence, these confrontation/breakdowns. It got so ridiculous that after a while, I finally got a hold of the "just ignore her" part. You know what? I've got that shit down to a SCIENCE now. I can go an ENTIRE day without speaking to her, like she doesn't even exist. The fact that I'm wasting a blog on her is pretty ridiculous, but it's boring here today, and my mind is abnormally blank.

Anyway, work hasn't been so great lately. I've been real...itchy. I think I just need to take a vacation or something, because I've been here for almost four years, with no off-time aside from surgery.

Oh! Speaking of which...on to far more important topics.

I never blagged about it, but the last time I went to see Dr. Stannard about my knee (mid-Dec), I actually received some good news! I had x-rays made and sat in my exam room, until Wynne came and got me, to sit and look at my images with him. As I walked up and sat down, I pointed at the screen and said, "Woah! What's that???"

There was the TINIEST BIT of bone growth in between the two broken pieces, where the bone graft was supposed to be! It was little, but it was definitely there and it was definitely bigger than last time! I said, "What does this mean??? I'd already pre-scheduled myself to have surgery like the third week in January!" He said that apparently, the bone stimulator was actually doing some good, to stay off of NSAIDs as much as possible, and to still keep my activity low-key.

So, I forgot to even update you guys - NO SURGERY!!!!

For now, at least...

I go back next week, I think, to see if we've progressed any more. But seeing that tiny piece of bone in there, I was like "WOOHOO!!!!" I'm still on the bone stim, but I forget to use it every once in a while. My pain has subsided a lot, but I'm still going in to have an SI block on the 15th of this month. It's just because I have bad days, where it starts acting up and won't stop for anything. They're pretty few and far between, but they happen. I think this next block might be the one to stop all the pain I've been having. And, in the next couple of months, if I'm still doing good with my healing, I should be able to go back to the gym!

In l33tspeak terms, I'd like to just add OMFG D00d [)1$ is t3h UBER 1337 R0XX0RZ ("omfg, dude, dis is teh uber leet roxxorz" or "yo, this is awesome")

Just thought I'd throw that in, cause I'm pretty excited about it. Time to go home and catch up on some Degrassi! &=D

Btw, it's totally storming over here, so if you guys are in the warpath of Mother Nature, batten down the hatches and be safe! I'll see you guys after the storm!!!

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paul said...

hi Jimmy, i work with pulsed magnetic fields ( http://www.earthpulsetechnologies.com) us the stim unit for an hour several times per day. i don't know what manufacturer or model you're using, but generally it adds cellular energy to the bone cells (or any other cells for that matter) and it gives em the extra umph they need to perform the healing. its not mumbo-jumbo. it DOES work and depending on the stim unit more or less depending on the unit. the best cycle as per Dr. Robert O. Becker that is the father of all of this stuff (followed Basset who developed bone stim) and actually regrew a perfect finger tip on the hand of someone who had it lopped off in an industrial accident; ideal cycle was 8 hours on 8 hours off. paul