Mem Day updates

Hi, Hola, Merhaba, Selam, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Salve, Здравствуйте, and happy Memorial Day to everyone! And, thank you to all our servicemen and the servicemen of other countries who have protected us over the years, and to those who are still overseas serving in this ridiculous war. I like to remain quiet on my political stances, so I'll just stop at "thank you."

I'm out with my family this wonderful Memorial Day weekend, but since it's Moonday, I'll be having to leave soon. (I have the "Moondays" pretty much Mon-Fri)

Oh yeah! I actually made it out here - IN MY CAR! I had to fill it up with water, then drive 55 all the way here, but that was ok. At least I'm here, eh? &=) I just dread getting back into the rat race when I return.

I've already told them that once Dr Gould (one of my biggest fans, er, uh, docs) has his surgery (this Thursday - don't think I haven't been counting down the days), I'm getting the hell out of Dodge...or Birmingham. I don't care what you call it, but I'm taking a vacation. And, it's going to be an out-of-state vacay. I don't care if I have to drive RIGHT OVER the Alabama line IN ANY DIRECTION!!! I'm getting out of here for a while. I also am not of the caring if I have to go by myself. I'm big, and I can totally take care of myself AND my panties!

I want to go to the beach, but I don't really see myself getting out in the day. I'm more of a vampiric night-crawler. Actually, you know what? I saw this huge adorable floppy sunhat at Wal-Consumerhell that I want to get. I could totally work that, an umbrella and the sunscreen on the bitches of Florida (or St Simon's, Heather????). You should SEEEEEEE how pasty white I am! It's not even that nice gothic white - it's just, well, the color of old, white, sun-abused skin. Ick.

Ahhhh...I'm picturing myself on the beach. Brb.

Ok, I'm back.

It was a short vacay, and I gained 15lbs, but I'm here. Blech.

Oh yeah,
my grandmother is doing wonderfully (I cried), Erica's graduation went really well (I cried, again), and I DID get to attend my cousin Kate's baby, Micah's second birthday yesterday (I did NOT cry), so that was fun. Pics of events will be coming soon.

All I need now is a baby, and I'll be straight.

Well, and a hub, and that will make things good. But, I'm having a feeling that will never happen. I've had several real busts, and I'm just sorta sick of the shit, to be blunt. So, I think a baby will be just fine. And me and my wee babe will travel the globe, and I'll teach him/her/them how to be REAL humanitarians and environmentalists.

And, as a sidenote, I just want everyone to know that I don't believe that anything I do makes me better than anyone else. Just because I'm a veg, recycle, volunteer, walk to work, drink soy and keep the lights turned off in my apartment, it's just the way I want to be. And, I want to raise my future gens to be that way as well. I just know that a LOT of others view those kinds of people as having "holier than thou" attitudes. YES, I know there are people out there like that, and all I can do is apologize for their snobbish behavior. I know what it's like to have a snoot in your presence and to know what he/she/they think about you. NO NAMES WILL BE MENTIONED HERE, JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS I'M NOT BEING RUDE, BUT JUST SO YOU KNOW, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU THINK!!!!! *huff*

Ack! What was I saying? Geez, I got off on that tangent and completely forgot. Well, poot.

Ok, I just effed something up, trying to dump Amy's 700 pix off her card, so Imma gonna have to do some recon or something to get it back.

*pulls hair*

*pulls hair more*

Computers make me crazy when they don't do what I TELL THEM TO DO HELLO TO YOU COMPUTERFACE??!?! In Mother Russia, files delete YOU!!!!

Awww...I hear Hunter and Erica faux-fussing about something in the kitchen. That's so cute! I remember when I was like that!

Wait.........my life is STILL like high school!!!!!!! ARRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!! *bangs head on monitor in hopes of another concussion*

Prayers go out to Anna-bug. Anna, everything is going to be ok. God is leading you - we just never know where, but sometimes we just have to grab His hand and trust to be led through the dark! I love you, and you know I'm here if you need me!!!

Hope all is well with everyone, and please everyone send updates, comments, whatev, ok????? I love you guys tons and tons!!!! I love reading about everyone, getting pics, the whole nine yards!!!!! I send well wishes, prayers and thoughts to everyone and your fams! *hugs*

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