I can only say I told you so.

I should have stuck with intuition.

I should have worn the "break-up" clothes, after all.

Again, I repeat, I know we weren't actually dating, but I'd hope you get the point.

I got friended.

I should have listened to my own damn advice.

I got fucked and friended. In that order.

And, I've been squalling since he walked out the door.

I kept telling him over and over that I couldn't be friends with him. But he wouldn't accept it. He kept begging me for a hug. I asked him if I had just become an FWB, and he told me, "ok, friends with NO benefits."

I mean, seriously...are you fucking serious?!?!?!??! Don't you remember my attachable nature??? Do you even remember me?????

After all this sordid shit I've been and put myself through these past EIGHT FUCKING YEARS, this was NOT the category to add something to.

Jesus, I fucking hate myself.

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