Ralph Gibson

I'm supposed to go tomorrow to visit Jack and see how well he's doing. I'm so excited - he's going to be so big, and I don't want him to be! He's still my baby!!!!

I just realized how much I talk about Ralph, Jack's and Jezzabelle's trainer, but I've never once posted anything on him. Plus, several people have asked me how to get in touch with him.

Here's his site:
Ralph Gibson's World of Dogs

And the address isn't "world's best dog training" for no reason.

A lot of people have pets (dogs, in specific) just to say they have pets. But, if you really want to have a happy dog, you should definitely consider Ralph as a very valuable investment. You all know I'm somewhat of a tightwad - I won't throw away money on just anything like this, especially services linked with human promises. Those are worthless to me.

Had I not seen Ralph and his dogs, and not been first-hand party to his training with Jezzy, I would have never believed it.

His mission statement:
At Ralph Gibson's World of Dogs, we strive to eliminate any confusion between animals and humans. We do not use any outside reinforcements such as shock collars, food, treats, drugs, pinch chains, bribes, force, intimidation or punishment of any kind. We have the best, most effective and humane training programs available anywhere, focused on enhancing the relationship between the human and the canine.

He doesn't train fighting dogs, he doesn't do parlor tricks (shake and roll-over are useless) - and he's able to effectively train out bad behaviors in both owner and animal. He says most of it is being able to read your dog, compose his thoughts, and make him understand that YOU are alpha, because dogs crave the pack mentality - they WANT someone to be in charge. But, if you're going to sit on the couch and let the dog do whatever, then he develops his own agenda. HE'S alpha.

He offers differing training levels - basic and advanced obedience, but you can move up to other levels, such as offensive and defensive levels. Obviously, me and Jack are starting with basic.

I tried to use some of the things on Jack that we used with Jezzy, but like he said, they're two different dogs (just like people!), and what worked for one, might not work for the other. He said that I had established a bit of a foundation, but now (in school), it was time to strengthen that foundation and build from there. I have a LOT to learn, but I'm really excited! Me and Jack are gonna be in school together! &=)

He really is a super guy. And, if you have a dog, if nothing else, you should talk to this guy, take your dog in for a free evaluation, and watch his demonstration. It's one of the most fascinating things I've ever seen. Plus, he has an absolutely stunning repertoire with dogs. If this guy wasn't a dog in his past life, then I don't know - he's incredibly in tune with the canine family.

Anyway, I just wanted to give Ralph his props. He's been really good to us, and Jack is going to do so well! I'm already proud of him, and I haven't even gotten to see him!

Yay, Jackson! Mommy loves you! &=)

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