Improv Everywhere

One of my favorite things in the whole universe is the group called "Improv Everywhere." Everytime I get on their site to see what's going on, I start squalling. It's the simplest of reasons - random strangers get together for a commonality. Obviously, you can make some fast and incredible friends in that type of scenario. But, "togetherness" has always struck a certain chord in my psyche and just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and sentimental to the point of crying).

Anyway, this one just swelled my heart to the point of almost breaking.

A New York couple comes out of their tiny courthouse wedding, to a surprise reception, complete with a wedding party (best man & maid of honor, as well!), guests, cake, presents & even a pedicab, in which they got to "drive off" after the reception was over.

And, it was all put together by strangers.

Now, if that doesn't get you in the gut...well...then you're just not me, I guess.

Check it out - it's really worth the ten minutes it will take to look it over:

Surprise Wedding Reception with Improv Everywhere

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