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Wow. I've been watching really old Michael Hedges videos, and they so take me back, to such a different time in my life.

I remember how he'd make his yearly pilgrimage to the Music Hall in Southside, and we'd always go see him. He actually started recognizing us after a while. I was fortunate enough to shake the man's hand many times, and even have the most wonderful photo made with him. (I know - I REALLY need to get a scanner. Donations can be made to...)

One of my absolute favorite songs is "Because It's There." And, it's strange, because in December of '97, I remember being at Jack State, turning on WBHM, just like I did every night before I went to bed and hearing that song, right before they announced that this was in homage (I use the haughty French pronunciation, "oh-MAHZH") of the exquisite guitar player who was Michael Hedges. He had been in a car accident, after visiting with his girlfriend, and apparently, when he was thrown from the car, he perished instantly.

I can still remember calling my mom and frantically explaining what had happened. She and I sat on the phone and listened to his music and cried for what seemed like an eternity.

It makes me happy to finally be able think of the touching times my mom and I shared...a decade after her death.

Mom, I'm incredibly envious of you. You've been listening to him play for God for years. What an honor.

And, Michael, even now, twelve years later, you're sorely missed.

To Greg, who introduced us, & Gordon, who still talks to me about these times.

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Holly said...

Girl, you just made me cry. I miss your Mom. And I miss you too. Now, I've got to go get a tissue. Love you.